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Awaken the guide within your heart through integrative tools and teachings from ancient medicine modalities and modern wisdom.



The Healer Within bridges between ancient medicine and spiritual traditions, which share similar wisdom, knowledge and practical tools to catalyze healing and support us to shed self-limiting conditioning. We know that we will ultimately come into deeper alignment with our soul and its interconnectedness with all sentient life on this awe-inspiring planet and beyond.



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Amazonian Plant Medicine

We facilitate plant medicine ceremonies within the Mahua-Lopez lineage of the Shipibo-Konibo tribe in which we are curandera initiates.

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Private Retreats

We love to weave together tools and traditions from several of these healing and wisdom traditions with the aim of guiding our clients in the remembrance of the healer that lives within each of us.

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Classes & Workshops

All ancient medicine traditions share an understanding of the interconnectedness between human beings and the natural world and teach that true healing and evolution involves a holistic set of tools. 


One of principles that governs the universe, taught by the Incan people of Peru, is called Ayni, which is a beautiful word that is related to reciprocity. Ayni teaches us to create balance in what is received and what is given.  There are so many ways to express this sacred, yet simple aspect of life.


For us at The Healer Within, we are committed to honor the traditions we have been taught to steward. This looks like being in constant inquiry with what it means to hold this medicine and be of European descent, of how to express the originality of the expression of our lineage while also bringing our own medicine to our work. 

We also commit to dedicating 5% of our earnings from the Healer Within to support our teachers, their families, as well as non-profits that support the conservancy of the Amazon Rainforest.

Finally, we commit to always go above and beyond in sourcing medicine from plants that are cultivated, rather than wild-harvested. This helps to preserve delicate eco-systems during our current time of great interference with the world's biodiversity. 

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