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Lumi LeeAnne

  • Qigong Embodiment Practioner

  • Chinese Energetic Medicine

  • Mystical Leadership Coach

  • Initiated Cuarandera of the Shipibo-Conibo Plant Medicine Tradition

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Liana Brooks-Rubin

  • Acupuncturist

  • Chinese Medicine Practitioner

  • Yoga Teacher

  • Initiated Cuarandera of the Shipibo-Conibo Plant Medicine Tradition

Liana and Lumi met in the Amazonian jungle in Peru while undergoing initiation as curanderas, facilitated by Maestro Don Enrique of the Mahua-Lopez lineage of the Shipibo-Conibo tradition.  They share a deep respect for the teachings of all ancient and indigenous medicine traditions, a commitment to their respective life-long learning and healing journeys and a passion for teaching, facilitating ceremony, and supporting others through their integrative medicine offerings.

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Lumi is a trauma-informed medical qigong embodiment practitioner, sacred ceremony space holder, medicine woman, radical devotionalist, and untamed seeker of the wild. Always a lover and tend-er of the plant kingdom, she became initiated into the deeper mysteries of life and death through the life changing experiences of a traumatic brain injury and suicide in her immediate family. 

In her search of healing and remembrance, Lumi was called to the shamanic paths of Shipibo curanderismo, plant and animal medicine, Qigong, and Chinese Energetic medicine. As a student of ancient wisdom and the natural world, Lumi is dedicated to helping us all find our own inner healer through reconnection and unity with the web of life all around us.

She believes our paths stay lit through a union of reverence and irreverence, allowing a fair dose of humor in our honoring of the big questions life begs us ponder. 

Lumi works with individuals, couples and private groups: facilitating various plant and animal medicine ceremonies, Qigong classes, coaching and 1:1 Qi Emission Therapy. She hosts community rituals, workshops and ceremonies in a yurt-temple on the land she lives on and calls Nowahni. Lumi also teaches harm-reduction in psychedelics, giving talks at retreats, festivals and conferences. She has a passion for grief work and healing in community-ceremonial context.

Learn more about Lumi's story and work.


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Liana is a Licensed Acupuncturist, practitioner of Chinese Herbal Medicine, Yoga Teacher, Founder and Owner of EvenTide Wellness in Washington, D.C., initiated Cuarandera (healer) in the Mahua-Lopez Shipibo lineage of the Peruvian Amazon, modern mystic, plant whisperer, songstress, bridge-builder, and mama.

Liana’s inner healing and self-cultivation practices are as integral to the medicine she offers as are the skills gained from her years of formal training and clinical practice.  Her journey ultimately uncovered her contract with the universe to embody unconditional love and unity consciousness.  Learning to live into this sacred contract is a humbling, joyful, challenging, and deeply empowering journey.  

As a teacher and medicine woman, Liana is known for her love, warmth, wisdom, knowledge, vision, deep listening, fiery passion, intuitive awareness, sense of humor, compassionate truth-telling, and emotional alchemy superpowers. Liana also has the gift of bridging between the personal and collective and between ancient and modern medicine traditions as she supports others in learning which tools best support them to heal fractures affecting their bodies-minds-spirits-emotions and ultimately come into alignment with their soul’s essence.


Learn more about Liana and her practice here.

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Our core values arise from the wisdom of Five Element Theory originating in Taoism and reflected in other ancient medicine traditions. Five Element Theory recognizes and honors that the energetic resonances, movements, interactions and relationships between the elements of fire, water, wood, earth, and metal are reflected in the microcosm of each being, as well as in the macrocosm of the external world.


Wood is a Yang element, associated with springtime, that is reflected in the natural world in the new growth of plants and trees that always aim their growth toward the light of the sun. The Wood element is reflected in this work through clear, direct and intentional speech, thoughts, and actions.

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Earth is a Yin element, associated with late summer, that is reflected in the outer world in the abundance of the harvest season and soil.  The Earth element is reflected in this work through the digestion and assimilation of nutrients, thoughts, and experiences. Its healthy expression within allows us to trust ourselves, each other, and our connection to the earth, as well as our ability to hold our truth (our centers) with integrity.

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Fire is a Yang element, associated with the heat of Summer solstice. Fire is symbolic in the healthy expression of our heart’s ability to illuminate our path and burn away distractions and excess. The Fire element is reflected in this work as light, generous warmth, and the capacity for connection, joy, intimacy, and love.


Metal is a Yin element, associated with Autumn, that is represented by physical minerals of the earth and the unseen forces of the celestial realms.  The Metal element is reflected in this work through the capacity to hold death and dying as a necessary part of the great and whole cycle, facilitating surrender and an ability to let go of that which no longer serves. Metal teaches us to embrace endings in order to connect with and be inspired by the awe-inspiring beauty of our natural world, as well as with that which is unknown and unseen as part of the Great Mystery.


Water is a Yin element, associated with Winter, that is represented in the outer world through all forms of water:  the stillness and clarity of a pond, the flow and directionality of a river, the power and depth of an ocean, the crystalline purity structure of ice.  The Water element is reflected in this work through our capacity for stillness, introspection, depth, and wisdom that gives rise to the harmonious flow of inner and outer movement, teaching us to rest and learn from the liminal space between death and rebirth.



To awaken the inner healer and guide within each of us through integrative tools and teachings from ancient medicine modalities and modern wisdom that support restoration of the holistic connections between our bodies-minds-emotions-spirit and promote healthy relationships with one another and our sacred earth allies. Through fostering individual and collective healing that encourages remembrance of wholeness, love, reciprocity and interconnectedness, we reclaim our individual and communal connections to the central and eternal life force from which all life arises.

We envision a world where each person is a healing force in service to collective positive transformation and liberation.

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