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Seattle Om Culture Retreat


February 24th - 26th

Hi friends, Aliko here. 

It is an honor to invite you to this two day plant (Aya) medicine ceremony facilitated by my good friends, Lumi and Liana. And our community good friend, and my spirit cousin Lia Weinman who will be angling this space. 

I've sat with medicine several times, all the way from the PNW to Guatemala, and I stand by my word when I say that this magic when stewarded by the feminine is like nothing else. Especially with these three incredible medicine keeper.

Below is some more information about the retreat and Lumi and Liana. Feel free to explore the rest of the website for more magic. It's an honor to host you if you choose to dive with us this February. 

Meet Lumi and Liana


Liana and Lumi met in the Amazonian jungle in Peru while undergoing initiation as curanderas, facilitated by Maestro Don Enrique of the Mahua-Lopez lineage of the Shipibo-Conibo tradition.  They share a deep respect for the teachings of all ancient and indigenous medicine traditions, a commitment to their respective life-long learning and healing journeys and a passion for teaching, facilitating ceremony, and supporting others through their integrative medicine offerings.


Lia Weinman is an experienced Shipibo ceremony assistant (aka Angel). 

As an artist, mental resilience facilitator and student of the healing arts, Lia brings her compassionate, grounded and intuitive skills to the ceremony space. She is a friend and supporter of our Seattle community. Through her work as a Ritual Tattoo Artist, she has made her mark and touched deeply into our mycelial network. We are grateful to have soul family such as Lia to assist the ceremony with her knowledge and experience.


About the Retreat

This two night, three day retreat will be taking place at Om Culture in Wallingford. This is an overnight event.

February 24th - 26th

20 spots available

Price for Retreat: $600 - $850
(Payment plans available) 


PLEASE let us know if this is out of your reach financially, we are more than happy to work with you! Paying at the lower end is great. If you are able to contribute on the higher end, please do. This helps us support those who can’t fully pay, helps us continue offering this work in a good way, and supports our jungle family.


- Two nights of medicine
- Accommodations 
- Amazing V + GF food all weekend

- Pre - Retreat Group Call 

- One on one call if needed
- Post Retreat Group Call

This is for you if...

  • You're looking for a safe container to explore plant medicine

  • This is your first time sitting with medicine

  • You are looking to go deeper with yourself and your community 

  • You have sat with plant medicine before, and you'd like to sit with your community.


Other Activities 

  • Acupressure Workshop / Qi Gong

  • Ecstatic Dance 

  • Walk to the Park 

  • Integration Talk/ Share Circle


All food will be vegan and gluten free

  • Friday Night: Post Ceremony snack

  • Saturday: Breakfast, lunch and snacks

  • Sunday: Brunch


Things to bring

  • Blankets (Avoid sleeping bag material)

  • foam pad or other comfy mat for your nest space.

  • Anything you need for sleeping over including toiletries 

  • A couple changes of cloths

  • Pillows

  • Backjack

  • Journal

  • Writing Utensil 

A note to Seattle fam from Liana and Lumi

Greetings from Liana and Lumi. 


We are incredibly grateful to Aliko for introducing us to his beloved community and are excited to meet you in February! Holding space in this way is a sacred art and it means so much for us to share our practice and lineage with you all in a good way. Our Shipibo teachers, Rono and Enrique Lopez, and their family, have taught us how to work with the medicine in a community~ceremonial context, and we offer it to you all with all our love. 

We look forward to co-creating a container full of metamorphosis, healing, and dare we say - magic and mischief! 


The concept of reciprocity is embedded as an underlying principle in Indigenous communities of cultures all over the world.  Reciprocity is expressed in the exchange of goods, but also within social and family relationships and between humans and beings of the plant, animal and spiritual realms.  Our reciprocity commitment for this offering is to give 5% of our proceeds back to the Shipibo-Conibo land stewards of the Amazon.

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