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Tulum, Mexico

Online course & in-person gathering

- Explore ancient traditions of inner and outer harmonization -
Traditional Chinese Medicine, Medical Qigong, & Amazonian Plant Medicine

October 29 -November 4 2023

Hello Dearests:
To of you who have worked with us and those of you who are new to our work:

We are thrilled to again offer a curated container of depth, practice, sacred medicine, delight, and rejuvenation. 
This retreat and in-person gathering provides an opportunity for those who may have worked with us remotely to gather and feel the in-person connection.






We are excited to announce a unique combined class and retreat offering from September to November 2023.  This program will integrate profound teachings, tools, and practices from the plant medicine tradition of the Shipibo-Conibo Indigenous tribe of the Peruvian Amazon, as well as East Asian Medicine modalities (acupuncture, herbal therapy, energetic medicine, Medical Qigong, dietary therapy, and Ayurvedic teachings/Yoga/Pranayama). 

All ancient medicine traditions share a deep and sophisticated understanding of the interconnectedness between human beings and the natural world, as well as the teaching that true healing involves a holistic set of tools that address the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of a human being. 

By sharing the wisdom of these ancient modalities, we hope to guide you in the remembrance of the healer that lives inside each one of us. We'll be focusing on teaching theory and embodied self-healing practices that you can easily integrate into your lifestyle.


The integrative offering will consist of six two-hour classes and a week long in-person retreat that is designed to educate, support and empower students on their respective paths to deeper learning, healing and living into their true selves. The classes will be held on Zoom and co-taught by Lumi and Liana. The in-person retreat includes plant medicine ceremonies in the Shipibo-Conibo lineage, Yoga and Qi Gong classes, breath work, sound healing and an array of other offerings, in addition to plenty of time to rest, reflect, process, integrate and be with others on a similar path. The workshops and ceremonies will be facilitated by Lumi and Liana. 


Lumi and Liana met in the Amazonian jungle in Peru while being initiated as curanderas, facilitated by Maestro Don Enrique of the Mahua-Lopez lineage of the Shipibo-Conibo tradition.  They share a deep respect for the teachings of all ancient and indigenous medicine traditions, a commitment to their respective life-long learning and healing journeys and a passion for teaching and supporting others through their integrative medicine offerings.

Meet Lumi and Liana


Liana and Lumi met in the Amazonian jungle in Peru while undergoing initiation as curanderas, facilitated by Maestro Don Enrique of the Mahua-Lopez lineage of the Shipibo-Conibo tradition.  They share a deep respect for the teachings of all ancient and indigenous medicine traditions, a commitment to their respective life-long learning and healing journeys and a passion for teaching, facilitating ceremony, and supporting others through their integrative medicine offerings.

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About this Offering

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Six Online live classes held on Sunday afternoons
1pm-3pm PST, 4pm-6pm EST
All classes will be recorded

​Class One 

Overview and Comparison of Relevant Medicine Traditions

*Chinese Medicine and Yin/Yang Theory

*Indigenous Plant Medicine Traditions of the Americas

*Nervous System Physiology and practical tools for regulating the nervous system


Teacher: Liana

Class Two

Spiritual Daoist Alchemy:  Medical Qigong

*Introduction to key concepts from Spiritual Daoist Alchemy

*Inner alchemy theory: 3 Dantiens / energy centers

*Breath, Intention, Posture, Visualization

*Medical Qigong self-cultivation practices

*Microcosmic orbit Meditation


Teacher: Lumi

Class Three

Five Element Theory, Part One:  Fire and Water, Heart-Kidney Axis and Vagus Nerve

*Overview of Five Element Theory: Resonance Medicine

*Fire and Water Elements

*Heart-Kidney Axis and Vagus Nerve Physiology

*Tools for aligning our hearts with our deepest purpose


Teacher: Liana

Class Four

Protection:  Energetic Boundary Medicine

*Introduction to the concept of energetic boundaries 

*Qigong, visualization, and meditation practices for creating energetic boundaries and strengthening Weiqi fields

*Overview of Shipibo medicine perspective on protection

*Plant allies for boundary medicine


Teacher: Lumi

Class Five

Five Element Theory Part II:  Earth, Wood, and Metal Elements

*Correspondences between the elements in the natural world and our physiology 

*Deep dive into digestion from a Chinese Medicine perspective

*Tools and practices for transforming worry into groundedness, anger into constructive action and grief into awe


Teacher: Liana

Class Six

Creating Our Spiritual Connection 

*Chinese Energetic principals of opening lines of communication with higher self

*Kano Kano: the psycho-spiritual line we create to communicate with guides, ancestors, plants, and other spirits

*Meditation with Master Plants/Cinco Medicos:  Noya Rao, Marusa, Bobinsana, Chullachaqui, Chiric Sanango


Teacher: Lumi

Post-Retreat Integration​

(retreat attendees only)

Opening meditation & Qigong practice

Sharing Circle

Helpful integration tools and practices

Continuing the journey

Date: TBD

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About the Retreat

This six night, seven day retreat will be taking place at outside of Tulum, in the Yucatan Peninsula of Mexico. 

Arrival: October 29

Departure: November 4

The retreat will be between 10-16 people. 

Price for Retreat:

Single Room: $3000

Double Room/Couples: $2700

Triple Room: $2400
(Payment plans available) 


PLEASE let us know if this is out of your reach financially, we are happy to share more about our payment plans and needs-based scholarship. 

Deposit to hold your spot: $600

5% off if you make your deposit by May 30

Your contribution includes: 

- Lodging

- Two nights of plant medicine ceremony

- 6 live online courses to help you prepare (available to watch later as recordings)
- Amazing food all weekend prepared by local Mayan chefs

- Retreat Activities listed below

- Pre-Retreat Group Zoom Call 
- 1 on 1 preparation call with Lumi or Liana 
- Post Retreat Integration Group Call

-Shuttle to and from the Airport

This is for you if...

  • You're looking for a safe container to explore plant medicine

  • This is your first time sitting with medicine 

  • You are looking to go deeper with yourself and forge new community 

  • You have sat with plant medicine before, and you'd like to invest in a deep, retreat container

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  • Integration Talk & Discussion

  • Share-circle after each ceremony

  • Alone time in nature/ at the cenote

  • Qigong 

  • Acupressure workshop

  • Yoga​
  • Temescal Ceremony hosted by the local Mayan curandera/os
  • Day trip to a quiet, peaceful nearby beach


All food will be dairy-free and gluten-free, and will support the needs of our plant medicine diet. 

Three nutritional and delicious meals will be served each day, except on ceremony days.​

On ceremony days, we will not serve dinner. Instead, we will offer a light post-ceremony snack before bedtime. 


The concept of reciprocity is embedded as an underlying principle in Indigenous communities of cultures all over the world.  Reciprocity is expressed in the exchange of goods, but also within social and family relationships and between humans and beings of the plant, animal and spiritual realms.  Our reciprocity commitment for this offering is to give 5% of our proceeds back to the Shipibo-Conibo land stewards of the Amazon.

About Our Retreat Center

Paledora is a family owned, values-driven eco-resort situated outside the busyness of Tulum. They are integrated with local healers and facilitators.

The center's outdoor amenities enhance the property’s beautiful, natural landscape setting:

  • The pool sits at the edge of jungle flora and fauna

  • The private cenote allows for wild swimming in a the famous water-caves of the region

  • Mature trees and beautiful flowers offer shade and beauty as you stroll around their land

  • Massage and spa services are available

  • The villas (accommodations) are updated with comfortable beds and amenities. Each villa has four bedrooms, a shared living room, porch and kitchen. 

  • A large dining hall for all of our shared meals together. 

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