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The Healer Within Genesis Story

The healer archetype is carried within each of us. We are programmed with a natural inclination to remember, reclaim, and return to the central and eternal life force from which our existence arises and from which we drift away through our protective responses to individual, collective and lineage traumas and conditionings. Whether we call the central and eternal life force God, Goddess, Allah, Buddha, the Divine, the Tao, Great Spirit, Source, the Mystery, Unity Consciousness or use another name, each of us has embedded in our DNA a felt-sense connection to that which is greater than what we can see, taste, smell, touch, and hear.

Every religious and spiritual tradition on the planet teaches that we carry a spark of this eternal life force, which also runs through the stars, planets, waters, soils, plants, animals, and minerals with which and with whom we share the planet. On some level, most of us innately *know* this connection in the depths of our being. We’ve felt it in connection with another being, in the ocean, at the mountain, in the forest, in prayer and song, in movement, in stillness, in a religious or spiritual ceremony, in a cave.

Yet, most of us human beings forget. We forget who we are, where we came from, that we are interconnected with one another and all sentient beings. We forget what it feels like to be a soul living in a human body and we forget that we are interconnected within (body-mind-spirit-emotions) and without (me with you, me and you with the wild river, the lush jungle, the barren desert, the sun, moon stars, and planets). We forget through personal, familial, ancestral trauma and the conditioning we’ve received teaching us that we will never be enough, that we need to earn love, that we are separate, that we do not belong. Division tearing us apart from the insides, reflected back to us on the outside. As within, so without.

The systems we as a species have created and live within such as capitalism, white supremacy, patriarchy, slavery, and colonialism reflect our collective forgetting. Most of us know that these systems are designed to further separate us from the truth of our wholeness, our divine essence, from one another, from the Earth and yet changing course seems impossibly overwhelming so we go deeper into our fear, our resistance and our coping mechanisms like numbing, isolation, addictions, doom-scrolling, unhealthy emotional and relational patterns.

From these places of disconnection and lack, we are unable to truly experience ourselves and the universe as divine love, as interconnected, as awe-inspiring. Fear, apathy, grief, guilt and shame resonate on opposite sides of the vibrational spectrum as love, joy, and peacefulness. And never the twain shall meet.

We are mirrors and teachers for one another. We are in co-creation with the eternal essence that runs through all of life. These things have always been self-evident to me on some level and yet these questions burned: What are we creating right now? What are we teaching each other? What are you mirroring to me and what am I mirroring to you? How do we mirror unconditional love for one another if the fear, guilt, shame, heavy grief within us is blocking unconditional love toward ourselves? How can we walk each other home to oneness, love and unity when we do not yet have a deep and embodied inner knowing ourselves?

In my 50 years (and many lifetimes) on one hell of a spiritual path that has taken me all over the planet, deep into my own being, kept me at home, brought me down into the bowels of the underworld and up to the star-filled celestial realms, these are the questions that have burned. There are likely as many (external) paths home as there are beings on the planet and yet the remarkable truth is that there are also universal principles—reflected throughout history and still findable in modernity—on earth of wholeness, oneness, interdependence, and unconditional love. For me, it was ultimately the Amazon jungle and master plant teachers, along with the excellent human way-showers surrounding me there, that I have to thank for the remainder of my days for nudging me off of the edge with all of my questions and intellectual pondering. And once off the edge, the plants with their characteristic no-nonsense love plummeted me to the depths of the underworld, then cleaned me out, and finally showed me little by little how to fill the empty spaces left behind by anger, fear, shame, guilt and endless grief with light, compassion, inner unity, and the capacity to bridge between the celestial realms, earth and the underworld.

We envision that The Healer Within will grow and evolve in co-creation with all of the beings that walk with us on this earth and beyond. We invite with love your curiosities, questions, and especially your fears and resistances. We of course also invite your support in any and all of the ways you are called.

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